Handsome Bald Men's Club celebrates bald men! Men who have let go of comb-overs and sprays and embrace being bald! And, while the bald look has gone mainstream, the decision to let go of one’s thinning hair is a bold move.

I never knew how to style my hair, and it seemed that just as I figured it out, I began losing my hair at age 25. I would wake up in the morning with hair on my pillow, and a sink full of hair when I combed it (I.E.: spent a lot of time styling my hair to hide the fact that it was thinning). I began cutting it shorter and shorter to do what I could to hide my thinning hair. Eventually I realized my best move was to accept what I didn’t have, hair, and shave my head!

I was so self-conscious at first- I felt like everyone was looking at me and my chrome-dome!

Then, I started to get compliments on my look and I gradually became more comfortable with it. I grew to embrace the ease of being bald- no haircuts, no hair products, no bed-head or hat-head- this is the way to live!

Now, I can’t imagine myself with hair or hanging on to the little hair I had left. Bald is the way to be!

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